Stop Insomnia, Anxiety & DepressionAs featured in The Wall Street Journal

  • FDA-Cleared since 1991
  • Recommended by Top Doctors
  • Safe to Use With or Without Medication
  • 60-Day Return & Refund Policy

Starting at $595

Insurance Reimbursement (For Chronic Pain)

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Competitive Analysis

Compare the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® to TMS, Drug Therapy, ECT, tDCS.

TMS Drug Therapy ECT tDCS Fisher Wallace
FDA-Cleared for Insomnia No No No
FDA-Cleared for Anxiety No No No
FDA-Cleared for Depression No
FDA-Cleared for Pain No No No
Free of Serious Side Effects No No
Use at Home No No No
Cost (average) $12,000 $1200/year $30,000 $1,000 $695
60-Day Return Policy No No No No