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New Clinically Proven Homepage Depression 5

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The Fisher Wallace device is cleared by the FDA to use at home on a daily basis for 20 minutes (twice-daily for the treatment of anxiety and/or depression, once-daily for insomnia only). Order today and your device will ship via FedEx (free shipping) the next business day.

Enjoy free shipping, free returns, a 100% refund policy and our free, simple prescription process that occurs during checkout. Purchase a device for $499 or $84/month for 6 months.

Feel better in 20 minutes

The device works by comfortably stimulating serotonin production while lowering cortisol (the stress hormone), as proven in multiple published studies.

Our free, simple prescription process occurs during checkout

Answer a few simple questions during checkout to obtain a prescription (if you qualify) at no additional cost. If you prefer going through your own doctor, you may provide them with this form.