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Our Device Protects the Environment

By using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®, you are protecting the water supply. Hundreds of millions of pounds of pharmaceutical waste enters the water supply every year, a result of consumption and manufacturing processes. This waste devastates wildlife and impacts human health. This drug waste, present in our drinking water, is primarily comprised of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills and sleeping pills. The following articles address this subject:

Traces of Anti-Anxiety Drug in Rivers Alter Way Fish Act

The Wall Street Journal

271 Million Pounds Of Pharmaceuticals In Our Water

CBS News

US Water Contaminated By Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, Consumers

The Huffington Post

Probe: Pharmaceuticals In Drinking Water

CBS News

Prozac Ocean: Fish Absorb Our Drugs, and Suffer For It

Discover Magazine

Drugs Are in the Water. Does It Matter?

The New York Times

Prescription Drug Pollution May Harm Humans,
Aquatic Life

Johns Hopkins University

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