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Skip the Risks of TMS

Looking to treat your depression with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation? You should be aware of the drawbacks. Expensive doctor visits, insurance complications, and a risk of seizures are all part and parcel of TMS treatment. The Fisher Wallace device, on the other hand, is FDA-cleared to treat depression in the comfort of your home. Return it for a full refund within 30 days if your symptoms are not significantly reduced.

Profile view of a young black woman wearing a black and white turtleneck sweater in treatment with the Fisher Wallace stimulator. She has the headband on her head and electrodes in place above the side burns.

The brain is an electrical system

Rather than the magnetic fields of TMS, our technology works by treating the brain electrically to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia.

During each treatment session, the Fisher Wallace device stimulates the brain to release neurochemicals needed for healthy mood and sleep, reduce cortisol and regulate brainwave activity. Founded in 2007, Fisher Wallace Labs now has over 100,000 patients who have used our device, and over 14,000 doctors and providers who have prescribed our device. 

Many of the people helped by our technology previously found drug therapy to be insufficient or they wanted to avoid the side effects of medication altogether. The Fisher Wallace device may be used safely in conjunction with medication or as a standalone therapy.

Why patients try our technology

Image of an older woman with grey and brown hair sitting in her backyard, doing some amateur painting. She has on an orange sweater and red shirt.

Drug therapy helps, but it's not enough for me

Our device is safe to use in conjunction with medication.

Man dressed in business casual clothing, grey sweater and white collared shirt, with dark hair and a goatee sitting in front of his laptop in a home office setting. A Fisher Wallace carrying case rests on the table near him.

I've tried multiple medications, but can't find relief

Our device often works when medication has failed.

Young black woman sits outside holding a mint-colored mug. She's wearing a mustard colored shirt with a blue and white paisley shawl. Apartment buildings and a tree are in the background.

I'm new to treatment and want a drug-free approach

Our device is one of very few FDA-Cleared, drug-free options.

How it helps

Here is a detailed breakdown of how the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® compares to TMS.

Fisher Wallace TMS
Treatment Location At home Doctor’s office
Cost $499 $12,000
Technology Low-dose electrical stimulation High-powered magnets
Serious side effects None Risk of seizure
Indicated for Depression, anxiety and insomnia Depression

Evidence-based medicine

Fisher Wallace has invested millions of dollars in clinical research, including three large trials conducted during the pandemic and a pilot study at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital (see graph) which found the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® to be successful in treating depression. Our most recent study launched In January 2022 - an anxiety and stress reduction program enrolling 200 uniformed police officers in the Seattle Police Department.

Our clinical trials

Affordable mental healthcare

A one-time purchase that costs less than a few talk therapy sessions.

Fully refundable within first 30 days if you aren't completely satisfied.

Free shipping and free returns on all orders.

Device purchase is eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement.

Woman in bed, undergoing treatment with the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. She has long brown hair beneath her headband and is wearing a pink shirt.

Trusted by 14,000 doctors and 85,000 patients

More than 70% find relief - about twice the rate of antidepressants.

—  Richard Brown, MD at Columbia University

The device has improved my well being significantly over the best drug results I've had, and without the biochemical disruption caused by drugs (that means side effects).

—  Jeff S., Fisher Wallace Customer

In the news

"Columbia University Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Richard P. Brown says he has used the device with 400 severely depressed patients and that more than 70% find relief, about twice the rate of anti-depressants."

"But since I couldn't stop talking about my good mood and hypercharged focus, my friends stopped laughing and started asking if they could borrow it. I'm reluctant to let go of my stimulator, however."

"The Fisher Wallace device...turned out to be the most impactful intervention in all my antidepressant exploration. At $499, it was an investment, but considering that most people with depression seek therapeutic treatments often not covered by health insurance, the possible savings on therapy and drugs over my lifetime seemed to justify the expense."

"5 Health-Tech Startups to Watch in 2021."

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