The following licensed healthcare practitioners are qualified to authorize the purchase of a Fisher Wallace Stimulator®:

  • Primary Doctor
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Chiropractor
  • Acupuncturist
  • Nurse
  • Physician’s Assistant

Purchase or Rent a Device

Step 1:

If you live in the United States, your healthcare practitioner must fax or email a prescription or completed authorization form to (800) 657-7362 /

For convenient over-the-phone authorization, please call the office of Sandy Root, L.Ac, seven days a week and she will process the paperwork on the same day: (516) 847-5277. You may also choose a date and time online and Sandy Root will call you at the time you select. Sandy Root is not compensated by Fisher Wallace Laboratories and charges a $50 fee.

The only patients who are not qualified to use the device are those with implanted medical devices such as pacemakers or vagus nerve stimulators.

Step 2:

Purchase or rent your device on this website or call (800) 692-4380. We will ship your device the same or next business day.

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® may be purchased without a prescription in Canada and Europe - please call us at (800) 692-4380.

100% money back guaranteeIf you purchase a device, you may return it for a 100% refund (excluding shipping) within 30 days of receiving the device in the mail. The device is effective for most customers within the first two weeks of daily use, but some customers may require three or four weeks to experience results. If you need a few extra days, call us and we will gladly extend the refund period.