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A Superdevice for Anxiety and Depression

Fisher Wallace Labs is on a mission to increase access to rapid and safe mental healthcare. We've developed, validated and commercialized wearable brain stimulation technology for the rapid treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other neuropsychiatric and cognitive disorders. Our Version 2.0 wearable, OAK, is on a clear path to commercialization in 2025 for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

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Clinically Proven

The results of our 255-subject, triple-blind, randomized, controlled trial, published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, prove our Version 2.0 wearable significantly reduces depression in the first week of treatment. A separate 220-subject, 8-week trial for the treatment of anxiety, conducted by the Seattle Police Department and Washington State University, achieved its primary endpoint and will be used to obtain regulatory clearance in the US and Europe in 2025 (journal publication is pending). 

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Under temporary FDA clearance, we distributed 100,000 proof-of-concept devices via 14,000 prescribers, and obtained Medicaid reimbursement in Maine (MaineCare). We are now engaged in obtaining regulatory approval for OAK, our Version 2.0 wearable that was designed in collaboration with the teams behind Beats, Nest and the HoloLens. Sign up to receive updates about OAK. 

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Kelly Roman


The son of a US Army veteran, Kelly graduated from Harvard College and has helped pioneer the wearable brain stimulation category since 2009, with a passion for clinical research, product development, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, and patient advocacy.

Kelly led OAK product development in collaboration with the teams behind Beats, Nest and the Microsoft HoloLens. Kelly also spearheaded the company's partnerships with the Seattle Police Department and Dr. Maurizio Fava, Psychiatrist-in-Chief of Massachusetts General Hospital, to design and conduct pivotal trials in support of regulatory approval.

Directors & Advisors

Chip Fisher


After graduating from Harvard and serving as a sales executive at IBM, Chip acquired the original intellectual property to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and is the company’s CFO and largest shareholder - and a recent TEDx contributor.

Simon Webster


Simon is CEO of Vistra and founder of SHUFL Capital, a seed investing platform. He previously led CPA Global (IP software and services) as CEO through its merger with Clarivate.

Maurizio Fava, MD


Dr. Fava is Psychiatrist-In-Chief, Department of Psychiatry, at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Director, Division of Clinical Research, at Mass General Research Institute.

David Shulkin, MD


Dr. Shulkin is a former US Secretary of Veterans Affairs and a former CEO of Beth Israel Medical Center.

Michael Greenberg, MD, MPH, FACEP


Mike is an emeritus professor of emergency medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine and a professor of public health in Drexel's Dornsife School of Public Health.

Scott Witt


Scott is a Brand and Creative executive operator who previously served as Creative Director at Apple, advisor to Peloton and Chief Brand Officer at Twill.

Neil Liebowitz, MD, JD


Neil recently served as Chief Medical Officer for two game-changing mental healthcare companies: Talkspace and Beacon Health Options.

Yedidiah Teitelbaum


Yedidiah is an entrepreneur/ operator with experience in women's health and wellness. He has built, restructured and scaled critical teams at Google, Visible Measures, and FemHealth Insights.

Richard Brand, MBA


An expert in capital markets and financial ops, Richard served as CFO of BeyondSpring Inc, one of the best performing biotech IPOs of 2017, and has since advised companies at various stages in their growth.

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We are a patient-owned healthcare company

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