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Anonymous @ 08/30/2016 02:24

I’ve battled depression off and on for my entire adult life and most of my teen years. I found some relief with medication and therapy, but I never felt like I was fully out of the “dark hole” that is depression. I saw an ad banner about the FWS and at first I thought it must be too good to be true! How could no one know about this if it’s been around so long? I read about previous patient experiences and since I knew I could get my money back if it didn’t work, I felt confident to at least try it. I started out on level 2 for 2 weeks as it suggested and felt a slight improvement but nothing major so I went to level 3. I then started getting really bad anxiety, which is something I don’t normally expereience. I thought the machine wasn’t working for me until someone at customer service said the machine can sometimes overstimulate people, so I tried going down to level 1. At that point my 30 day return period was almost up, but FW was happy to extend me time an additional 2-4 weeks! After a few weeks of consistent use at level 1 twice a day, I felt a difference I haven’t felt in years! I felt happy for no reason! I wasn’t overwhelmed by the normal stresses of life because I finally had some normal brain chemistry. It also has helped my other medications work better and made a difference in my chronic pain. I had a hard time paying the high price tag, but now I know it’s more than worth it to have my life back!!!

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