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Hear from Kelly Roman, Fisher Wallace CEO and our first customer

As CEO, I want you to know that I'm acutely aware how difficult it is to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia because I've been there myself.

I tried to manage my own depression and anxiety symptoms with medication when I was in my twenties - these drugs helped me for a couple of months, but the side effects became unsustainable and effectiveness rapidly deteriorated over time. 

Then, 13 years ago, Chip Fisher - who became my co-founder - handed me the Stimulator. After using it for a month I found I was feeling a lot better, even without medication. At that point I committed my life to building this company. 

I’m here because we all deserve better mental health, and this technology led me to a level of relief that I didn’t believe was possible. For me, the combination of the device, regular exercise and a healthy diet has been successful, but not perfect. Thousands of customers have experienced more successful outcomes, but my outcome is solid. I don’t feel like I have to perform all the time anymore, and I have the energy and peace-of-mind needed to be a parent and spouse. I hope that we can do something similar for you.

How a patient who suffered from depression, anxiety and sleeplessness all her life found relief with the Fisher Wallace device.

What our patients say

I'm off medication

"Changed my life! Was on medication for 13 years for my anxiety and depression. Side effects were probably worse at times than the actual anxiety. Been off medication for almost two years now."

—  Sam M
Like flipping a switch...

"I've suffered from chronic anxiety for over 7 years. Only recently were my symptoms diagnosed as PTSD. The device it is almost like flipping a switch - it reboots my brain back to a resting state of clarity and calm."

—  Elizabeth, Neuroscientist
Even my doctors are shocked

"After a lifetime of PTSD induced insomnia, I'm sleeping through the night. Even my doctors are shocked - we had tried every medication known to the psychiatric/neurological community."

—  Joe S

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Listen to Logan tell his story about overcoming a lifetime of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

What the doctors say

Reduce or eliminate dependence on drugs

"I have had great success using the device to treat severe, chronic insomnia in patients who are resistant to pharmacotherapy. Also, patients who seek a drug-free alternative to treat insomnia have used the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to reduce or eliminate their dependence on drugs."

—  Andres San Martin, M.D. Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University
There's no harm in trying the device - it can only help

"In my experience I have patients that have continued on their antidepressant medication in conjunction with the cranial stimulation unit, either at the original dose and they've got an added benefit, at a lower dose because of side effects on the antidepressant and have continued to get the initial benefit that they had on the high does of antidepressants but without the side effect, and patients that have successfully been discontinued off their antidepressants."

—  Dr. Eric J. Bartky, MD, Department of Pedatrics and Psychiatry, Morristown Memorial Hospital
Effective treatment option for postpartum depression

"...current hand-held devices, such as the Fisher Wallace stimulator, are noninvasive and can be used by patients at home with minimal to no supervision. Given its proven effectiveness and safety, I firmly believe it deserves more recognition as an excellent option for women with postpartum depression."

—  Varun Ponmundi, Biomedical Engineer, Cornell University '08
Dr. Stephen Xenakis discusses his experience with the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and how it has helped his patients.

What the media says

"Columbia University Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Richard P. Brown says he has used the device with 400 severely depressed patients and that more than 70% find relief, about twice the rate of anti-depressants."

"But since I couldn't stop talking about my good mood and hypercharged focus, my friends stopped laughing and started asking if they could borrow it. I'm reluctant to let go of my stimulator, however."

"5 Health-Tech Startups to Watch in 2021."

"One of four technologies innovating mental health."

Fisher Wallace is helping the Seattle Police Department to "normalize access to self-care."

"The Fisher Wallace device...turned out to be the most impactful intervention in all my antidepressant exploration. At $499, it was an investment, but considering that most people with depression seek therapeutic treatments often not covered by health insurance, the possible savings on therapy and drugs over my lifetime seemed to justify the expense."

A segment on The Doctors (CBS) about how a patient uses the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to treat insomnia.
Andrea Samadi, an author and educator with a passion for learning on health, gives an update on using the Fisher Wallace device for one year.

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