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anonymous @ 06/21/2017 07:35

I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and co-morbid hypochondriasis. It is of the relapsing remitting type and I have taken remeron in the past for the same. This time around, I tried FW and I could notice the difference in a matter of three weeks! I used the device 2 times daily. Initially, I would feel dizzy and lightheaded after using the device. Infact, on the third day, I felt woozy headed throughout the day. I was in two minds but I decided to continue as I spoke to John from the service team who advised me to give it atleast two weeks. I started noticing a marked difference from the third week (on level 2 setting). Its been three months and I have achieved remission! I still use it once or twice a day but not as regularly as before.

1) It works!! I didnt think it would work for me because just like many other patients, I felt that my problem is unique. It has reduced my health anxieties, and depression!
2) Great service: Unfortunately my first device stopped working, but the service team sent me a new device within 4 days.
3) Very easy to use!
1) A little messy: There’s water streaming down your face while you are using this device and it can be quite irritating ( especially if you are working on your desk etc..with important papers lying around)
2) You need to keep replacing the sponge.
3) It’s not cheap

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