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Cindy Greeley @ 07/03/2016 04:25

I have been using the stimulator for two weeks now. First, I will say that it is so very easy to use. Anyone can do it!! After about the 4th night of use I could tell my sleep was starting to improve, hooray!! Before using the device, my sleep was a constant ‘tossing and turning”, waking up and my mind becoming ‘very awake’ thinking of all my life issues at 3am, etc. I can honestly say that sleep pattern has changed for the better! If I do wake up and roll over, I DO NOT ‘stay’ awake, I fall right back to sleep and sometimes only wake up when the alarm goes off. I no longer dread going to sleep, because I know I will not toss and turn. I now am getting a sounder type sleep and I couldn’t be more pleased!! I will also add that it seems to of helped me have a much calmer approach at dealing with stress. I do not take any kind of medication for anything…medications actually scare me and the side effects. The fact that I can use this device and have results ‘without’ meds is a life changer. Thank you Fisher Wallace for putting this on the market. The results will speak for themselves.

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