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Donna Anderson @ 12/26/2016 03:51

I purchased this product primarily for severe neuropathic pain in my fingers, hands and arms and also for depression. YOU MUST TRY THIS FOR DEPRESSION!! I have suffered with depression for my entire adult life. I have never tried any other drug, therapy, treatment, device, procedure that has produced an effect like this! I saw results after 1-2 treatments. I use it periodically for varying lengths of time. IT ALWAYS WORKS. It is DEFINITELY worth a try – you have nothing to lose! Regarding pain, for me, it has been a different story. It turns out it is very difficult to attach the electrodes to my fingers. I have been unable to use the stimulator effectively. Although disappointed regarding pain results, I feel I have been rewarded with the effect the stimulator had on my depression. Thank you so much. Don’t hesitate to try – do it!

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