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Jennifer Vals @ 03/23/2017 05:51

I was diagnosed with anxiety and clinical depression in my 20s and was medicated for many years with Prozac. It worked, but I gained weight and didn’t like some of the other side effects. I chose to go off of medicine in my late 30s and did fairly well but still suffered from anxiety and occasional depression. I decided to try the Fisher Wallace Stimulator this last fall to ease my increasing anxiety, which was starting to lead me into depression. I used it twice a day for 20 minutes each. I noticed a difference three days later- my anxiety started to ease, and within a week, I noticed a considerable decline in anxiety and the depression had been averted. I noticed that I started dreaming more vividly, just like I had dreamed while on Prozac, so I knew that it was working like the Prozac only I am not having to deal with any side effects. I’ve been telling everyone I know who suffers from anxiety to give it a try-it’s really helped me, and I use it religiously now!

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