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Jodi @ 09/08/2016 11:10

The Fisher Wallace stimulator has been an absolute miracle for my 22 year old son! He’s been challenged with a yet to be fully diagnosed condition for the past three years. He went from being an outgoing, motivated and intelligent young man to a lethargic, quiet person who had to drop out of college because his cognitive abilities were impacted greatly. Psychiatrists have thought it was possibly depression, anxiety or the beginning stages of schizophrenia. He’s been on many different combinations of meds, with little effect. After six weeks using this device twice a day (and no recent change in meds) I have seen a transformation I thought I’d never see. It’s happening slowly but surely and at a Labor Day party the other day I saw him interacting with his cousins and even smiling and laughing (I hadn’t heard his laughter in quite a while until recently). He’s definitely more motivated and engaged and has even decided to go back to college. I know it’s still early in the journey, but I feel like I have my son back. I can’t recommend this product enough. This is the only variable that has changed in the last six weeks for him, and I’m sure it’s the reason for his miracle (he thinks so too). I know each situation is different, but it is definitely worth a try and is the best $700 I’ve ever spent in my life!! Thank you so much!

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