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Reid Bohannon @ 10/13/2016 05:35

I am a proud owner of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I was a huge skeptic of this prduct originally. The very first time I tryed it I had the mind set its a fake medical device. But when I was half way into my frist session I noticed a change in my temperment and stress level. So as still skeptical minded person who thinks its a placebo effect did the full two week trial open minded. It changed my life for the better it helped me with my anxiety and my chronic depression. I will say this I never tryed the pain relief method cause I don’t have pain. That being said im a lifer in using this product I bring it every place I go cause it works. If im having a bad day and my anxiety and mood up zap for 20 minutes and it evens you out again. I do think that it should be hand in hand with medication when you get prescribe cause it helps that much. Its a no brainer when it comes to getting it or not getting it.

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