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Scott Fitch @ 05/15/2017 03:38

I have had severe bouts of depression and anxiety since I was in my teens. As I got older and in to my 40’s, I had to be hospitalized several times. I was missing work and could not keep a job.

I did some research on depression and came across an article about head injuries during childhood and depression/anxiety. When I was 6, I fell of my bike and struck the front of my head on the concrete. I had a concussion and fractured skull. I read about, how none of the drugs will help people with this kind of injury from childhood. Electric shock therapy seemed to be the only treatment which helped. I then did research on home treatments similar to ECT. I then came across the Fisher Wallace device.

I was as down as I had ever been and needed to try something. It was the hospital again/ suicide or this. I asked my doctor to write a prescription for it, and started the treatment. Within a week, I was much better, and within 2-3 weeks I was finishing projects, which I had left unfinished and clicking on all cylinders. This was over 2 years ago.

Since then I have not missed any work due tp depression and have had no major relapse. I seem to be able to focus on task and complete them. I am doing very well at work. When I get minor depression, I am able to keep under control and from getting worse. A few days on the device in maintenance and I am back to normal.

After discussing this with my doctor, she things that the head injury at a early age, could have been the cause of my issues. She is amazed at the results as I am. I have my life back and I have never been happier. Happy is the new normal for me.

It took me a life time of battling with depression, before I found this device and figured out my issue with my child hood head injury. I hope, other people will read this, and get the help they need. Main stream doctors still do not seem to know about this device. However, find one who will let you try it. My doctor did, and it changed my life.



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