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Stacy @ 07/18/2016 08:48

I’ve been using the Fisher Wallace as needed for about a year as suggested by my doctor. I wanted to find non-chemical ways of treating OCD and anxiety so that I could become pregnant without taking an SSRI. I first cleared this with my OBGYN also who fully agreed with my psychologist that this method of treatment would be absolutely safe for me and a baby. I found that after a week or so my anxiety lessened somewhat and continued to stay at bay except for one episode for the first few months. Symptoms improved and I now use it as needed. It hasn’t completely eliminated my anxiety but I have noticed a difference and I am definitely glad I decided to purchase it. I also walked 30min 4 or 5 times per week which I believe may have also contributed to keeping anxiety down. I liked that I could wear it almost any time at home or even in the car if I was short on time in the morning (I have long hair so it was barely noticeable). I did notice flashing and a pulsing feeling when I had it turned up higher, as the directions say can happen, but this was not uncomfortable, just something I noticed. I was also able to take it on international flights in my hand luggage without question from TSA. I would recommend giving this a try if you have anxiety. With the money back guarantee there’s really nothing to lose!

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