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Patient reviews

Like flipping a switch

I’ve suffered from chronic anxiety for over 7 years. Only recently were my symptoms diagnosed as PTSD. I was very skeptical of the device but decided to try it. When I’m anxious and use the device it is almost like flipping a switch - it reboots my brain back to a resting state of clarity and calm.

—  Elizabeth, Neuroscientist
Helps to humanize, not robotize

When I first happened upon this device while researching treatments for depression and insomnia (not knowing if one was causing the other), I was admittedly skeptical due to what appeared to be a simplistic design. I then looked into the FWS further, including all of the reviews written by real humans looking for the same solutions as me. Not one to fall for gimmicks, I took a bit of time to mull it over and then made the purchase. I'm glad I did. Am I 100% cured? No. This device helps to humanize, not robotize. I'm no bio-physicist, so I can only say that the stimulation helped to re-calibrate whatever needed to be re-calibrated. Within a week or two (it's gradual, NOT overnight), I was depressed less often and happier, or at the very least content, more often than I was before I started using the Fisher Wallace device. Like many others, this works for me.

—  Chris
The most impactful medical product I have ever used

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator has been the most impactful medical product I have ever used. Psychiatric medication has serious, sometimes long term side effects and ends up being costly, but with the oversight of my health team I ceased all psychiatric medication and only use herbal therapies for gentle sleep support. Within a month, the Fisher Wallace stimulator helped reduce the symptoms of my bipolar depression, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, and insomnia. Iv';'e even had a reduction in stress related eczema. After 6+ months of regular use at a "3" setting, my symptoms are so minor that I now control them through cognitive coping skills, lifestyle changes and 3-4 days a week using the stimulator. Its a miraculous device and I feel it truly saved my life.

—  Nathan
ALL symptoms including the insomnia have been eliminated!

I have suffered from severe chronic anxiety since I was a small child. It was crippling. In addition there was a strong genetic component from my fathers side of the family and all my siblings suffered as well. To a lesser extent I have had occasional bouts of depression. My physician mentioned the a Fisher Wallace Stimulator as I have tried so many meds with limited success. How glad I am that she did introduce me to this device. At the time she mentioned it I had been suffering from two months of relentless insomnia. I am here to tell you that this device has been nothing short of a miracle. ALL symptoms including the insomnia have been eliminated! The big test was when I had to give a speech before a large crowd which normally would devastate me with anxiety. I did have a small amount of nervousness but I was able to overcome it and deliver the speech with confidence and I actually enjoyed it once I began! Truly a miracle! Gone is the ever present debilitating anxiety that was preventing me from enjoying life. And if you suffer from insomnia or depression why take drugs when this device can change your life? It’s certainly worth a try considering there is a 30 day trial. For me it has been a lifesaver!

—  Gail
No SSRI has helped this much, this quickly

Truly Surprised. Like many, I was skeptical. And my expectations were tempered by years of SSRI’s that would work for a while, then let me down. Benzo’s that only helped for a few hours at a time. Therapy that helped, but never gave me full relief.

After a recent and very difficult period, I found myself in the throes of a CPTSD flair up. Shaking, nausea, boundless anxiety, profound depression. SSRI’s once kept me from slipping so deep, but I’ve tried several. I was in such acute discomfort that I was truly at a point of desperation.

I went through my checklist to level out a bit and decided to try this device. I’ve completed 8 sessions and I truly feel... better. I’m a 31 year old male, and I’ve dealt with periods of deep depression and anxiety that has been incapacitating for well over a decade. I’ve long wished for a tool that I could somehow use to fix whatever it is that doesn’t make me quite normal sometimes and I think I’ve found it.

I’m not paid by Fisher Wallace, I was even a little miffed that it took so long to receive my device, but the wait was worth it because maybe this is a small glimpse into normalcy. My girlfriend, family and friends have all commented favorably about my mood over the past week. It took a few sessions, but it was as if I could physically feel different parts of my brain reacting to the treatment - like strange, localized fingertip massages.

After a few more treatments, the physical feelings dissipated and I started noticing that I was more physically relaxed. No more gritted teeth, no more muscle tension up my neck and back and my legs felt like noodles.

I also took the first full, deep breath in longer than I can remember. I’m writing this today because a week ago, I felt hopeless. Today, I had a GREAT day. And yesterday I had a GOOD day. And the day before I had an ALRIGHT day. I haven’t had any of those in a VERY long time.

I plan to recommend the device to others and make sure they give it a real shot, because no SSRI has helped this much, this quickly. I see a therapist every so often (usually during times of great crisis) and he remarked that my improvement has been pretty significant. It’s as if a long dormant switch has been flipped and things are normalizing. Maybe.

But whatever it is, this device has been the only change to my regimen and my anxiety and depression have been tamed in a matter of days. I look forward to the full cumulative effects of using this thing for a while. My very sincere thanks for what I think might just be what I’ve needed.

—  Court
Lifting of the curtain of darkness

I'm a careful and somewhat skeptical person--if not meticulous, than at least careful. I'd looked at the Fisher Wallace device a number of times and finally decided to order one in December 2021. I wasn't at my lowest (by any means) then but decided that not only was the time right, but so was the price. I noted on the whiteboard in my office that I commenced using the device Wednesday, 10 December 2021 and found the sessions short and non-disruptive. I had no boundless high hopes but was willing to go through the motions, one way or the other. At roughly the two-week mark, I noticed a definite lightening of the mood that had hung over me (occupied me? possessed me?) for months and months--and which, to be honest, I'd been subject to for roughly 60 years, on and off, off and on...I wondered going in about the placebo effect, "a beneficial health outcome resulting from a person’s anticipation that an intervention will help," as it's defined. Given the slow shifting upward of my mood and, frankly, that gradual lifting of the curtain of darkness, which was quite perceptible and not sudden or earth-shattering, I don't feel that the placebo effect is involved in my situation. In any case, I'm quite satisfied--happy, in fact--with the device and would recommend it to anyone similarly situated. Recommend it highly, for that matter.

—  D. B. Ronbinson
Made an indelible impact on my being

I experienced a life event that left me with major depression, severe anxiety, and chronic insomnia. I was very desperate and in dire need. I was prescribed 3-4 different medications. I was feeling uneasy by taking them for the first time in my life. I purchased books, surfed the web relentlessly for some answers. I came across an advertisement for a mechanical device that was known to help with my three conditions. I was hesitant to pay so much for something I knew nothing about. I read more about the science and the development of this product and made my decision. I would say it took a little longer with me due to my nervousness, but after a couple of months I could tell the difference. Twenty minutes on level 2 per day is all it took. I am very pleased to attest that the Fisher Wallace Stimulator became a life saver for me. It has made an indelible impact on my being. I am so ecstatic about my discovery, I just had to share my story.

—  Kevin
Miracle device!

I have been treated for depression and anxiety for 31 years prior to receiving the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I’ve been prescribed drugs of all kinds with many different results. Psychotherapy has not worked for me. I received the stimulator three days ago and immediately had positive results for both my depression and insomnia. I will be requesting reimbursement from Medicare but would keep this stimulator regardless of their decision. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from depression or insomnia. This could put the drug companies out of work! My hat is off for this miracle device!

—  Jim M.
Helped with my perpetual insomnia episodes

I have to share how diligently I have been using my Fisher Wallace device every day during this coronavirus lockdown. Using it takes away my anxiety of being alone in my house. When I go to bed, the device has helped with my perpetual insomnia episodes. In addition, it has reduced the stress I feel from being in quarantine all this time. Initially, I purchased my Fisher Wallace device to take the edge off my long term depression. I highly recommend using it for any mental challenges because it has helped me have a better attitude and I feel happy again! Lovin it!

—  Patricia F.
Way better than I could have expected

I must say that I was a skeptic. I have tried so many other products to stem my depression, with only moderate outcomes. I have found that not only is my depression much better, but way better than I could have expected. I fully, based on my experience so far, expect further positive results. I would encourage anyone who is suffering to try this treatment. It has really helped me.

—  Rev Ron S.
Helped my mood

I used the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for 6 months twice a day, including the long nights of winter. In March I tapered back to once day. Now that Spring is well established, I find I no longer need to use it. I’ll see what happens come next November. If SAD is an issue, I will likely start using it again. I found the Stimulator very helpful with sleep and Seasonal Affective Disorder. It helped me be able to go back to sleep after a nighttime bathroom break and to sometimes sleep a full, uninterrupted 7-8 hours. It also helped my mood in winter.

—  Margaret
I can feel the difference

I am very grateful that the Fisher Wallace device was recommended to me by my psychiatrist. I had been on anti-depressants for years and still was not finding relief, and the Fisher Wallace has made a huge difference in my mind. When I do not use it, I can feel the difference. It has become part of my daily routine and self-care. Thank you for creating this and helping so many people with something so safe and effective.

—  Danielle
Weaned myself off of antidepressants

I was on antidepressants for many years but still struggled with depression and an inability to access feelings. I started using this device after I saw my sister use it and come off of antidepressants. Almost right away I noticed a difference. I felt calm and able to handle life ( which was very stressful at the time). I slowly weaned myself off of antidepressants and I have been off for almost a year. I can feel emotions now and work on the underlying issues and I love life. My anxiety is very much decreased. This device is amazing and I highly recommend it.

—  Maggie M.
My depression lifted within an hour

Upon my purchase and immediate usage of my device, approx 3 yrs ago; my depression lifted within an hour of my session. I've had depression since a teen, and now I have immediate relief. It's a God send to be able to sit in the comfort of my own home and know that I'm changing my life for the positive!

—  Catherine N.
Made a better difference than meds!

I have been struggling with depression most of my life. When I began using the Fisher Wallace device, I felt better within one week and then used it sporadically. I realized only recently when my mood swings resurfaced, that when I start feeling better I stopped using the unit as many of us with depression or other mental illness tend to do. This unit is truly wonderful but you need maintenance therapy to be successful. So I started over early this year with daily use and am now using it only once or twice a week and am maintaining my positive and healthy mood! Fisher Wallace Stimulator has made a better difference than meds!

—  Andrea E.

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