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The hospital-grade sleep aid

Cleared by the FDA to treat insomnia, the Fisher Wallace sleep aid increases total sleep time in the majority of patients. Simply use the device at home for 20 minutes before bed every night. Return it for a full refund within 30 days if you aren't sleeping significantly better.

Single Fisher Wallace Stimulator on a white table.

The brain is an electrical system

Our technology works by treating the brain electrically to reduce the symptoms of insomnia. 

During each treatment session, the Fisher Wallace device stimulates the brain to release neurochemicals needed for healthy mood and sleep, reduce cortisol and regulate brainwave activity. Founded in 2007, Fisher Wallace Labs now has over 100,000 patients who have used our device, and over 14,000 doctors and providers who have prescribed our device. 

The majority of people who use our technology want to avoid the side effects of sleeping medication. The device may be used safely in conjunction with medication, or as a standalone insomnia therapy.

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Increasing Total Sleep Time

We conducted our most recent insomnia study during the height of the pandemic in 2020 when many patients were in lockdown.

Our sleep aid device increased total sleep time (TST) in active device participants by 25.8 minutes, whereas participants using a placebo device experienced a decrease in total sleep time of 16.5 minutes - a total difference between active and placebo of 42.4 minutes.


Affordable mental healthcare

A one-time purchase that costs less than two visits to the doctor.

Fully refundable within first 30 days if you aren't completely satisfied.

Get free FedEx shipping for purchases and returns on all orders.

Device purchase is eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement.

Woman in bed, undergoing treatment with the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. She has long brown hair beneath her headband and is wearing a pink shirt.

Trusted by 14,000 doctors and 100,000 patients

I have had great success using the device to treat severe, chronic insomnia in patients who are resistant to pharmacotherapy. Also, patients who seek a drug-free alternative to treat insomnia have used the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to reduce or eliminate their dependence on drugs.

—  Andres San Martin, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University

I use this device every night before I fall asleep to assist with insomnia and generalized anxiety disorder. This device truly helps me cope--medication free!!

—  Erica M., Fisher Wallace Customer


In the news

"Columbia University Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Richard P. Brown says he has used the device with 400 severely depressed patients and that more than 70% find relief, about twice the rate of anti-depressants."

"But since I couldn't stop talking about my good mood and hypercharged focus, my friends stopped laughing and started asking if they could borrow it. I'm reluctant to let go of my stimulator, however."

"5 Health-Tech Startups to Watch in 2021."

"One of four technologies innovating mental health."

A segment on The Doctors (CBS) about how a patient uses the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to treat insomnia.

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