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Mental health isn't a joke...or is it?

Hear what some very funny comedians have to say on that front. Unhappy Happy People, a new mental health comedy series on TikTok, brought to you by Fisher Wallace.

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Why a Comedy Series?

“We are not going to run TV ads of smiling people playing softball while you hear a voice-over listing out the horrible side effects - I don't like softball and our tech doesn't cause any serious side effects. Instead we are investing in cultural events that are real and have meaning. Comedy loves bringing the taboo out into the open, so of course the subject of mental health works artistically - it will be a great day when mental health is no longer taboo. The New York City based comedians in Unhappy Happy People share experiences that many of us will identify with - and by making us laugh collectively, they take the power away from the taboo and give it back to us."

- Kelly Roman, CEO, Fisher Wallace Laboratories

Season 1 of Unhappy Happy People

Directed by Kareem Rahma
Sponsored by Fisher Wallace

Featuring Kareem Rahma, Maddy Smith, Randall Otis, Neel Gosh, Chike Robinson, Nina Tarr, Joey Dardano, River Ramires, Sameer Naseem, Kelly Bachman, Johnny Gaffney, and Jill Gonzales.

Follow us on TikTok as we release a new short every few days.

We're in this together

Our goal is to have people feel like they can laugh at their own issues while also recognizing them as legitimate topics to be taken seriously. Unhappy Happy People shares a common mission with Fisher Wallace - destigmatize and normalize mental health and its treatment for everyone. 

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