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Holly Cabell @ 07/01/2016 07:00

I am 72 years old. I’ve had my Fisher Wallace Stimulator for a little over a month. I got it because I was depressed and didn’t want the side effects including numbing of my emotions/energy. I was also obsessing and sleeping poorly. I felt my life was out of control; there were too many things to do. In the past I had been able to bring reality to my life by consolidating all the small pieces of paper with TO DOs onto one piece of paper. I was so stressed I was unable to do this.
When I got the Stimulator I immediately slept longer; instead of waking at 3am, it was 3:30am then 4:00am but seems to have stabilized at 5:00am. When I wake then I put the Stimulator on and do my morning 20 minutes while lying back down. Most times I fall back to sleep; not like I have taken a sleeping pill, just relaxing into sleep. Sometimes I am in half-sleep but relaxed until the alarm goes off.
I am still using the Stimulator twice a day; both times while lying down with sleep after.
Reality without obsessing came quickly after I began use. In a couple of weeks I was able to face the things on my TO DO lists and accomplish them without stress. This ability to focus is what makes me happiest about the benefits of the Stimulator. Seeing things realistically and being able to address the things that need doing by setting proper priorities and focus means I’m not depressed.
I highly recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.

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