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Nancy Davis @ 06/22/2016 10:09

As a mental health counselor and someone who has personally suffered from depression and anxiety for the better part of my life, I can honestly say this has been the best solution to my challenges and something I am recommending to my clients regularly now! I was skeptical. I was unsure. But with the money back guarantee and after reading all the science behind the product I just felt I had nothing to lose. I tried it for two weeks and felt better! Then went on vacation and became very ill and stopped using it completely for three weeks while I was gravely ill. As I tried to heal from my other illnesses I decided I needed to get back to using the FW device and have been pleasantly surprised at how much better my overall health has been in the last 5 days of daily use. This truly is a miracle in my life and has been the push I have needed to begin my journey toward overall better health and moving away from So many medications. What a blessing in my life and I am so thankful I will be able to share this with my clients who look to me for alternatives from medicine when it comes to treating depression and anxiety!

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