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Marlene @ 06/10/2016 12:41

I have had the misfortune of depression, anxiety and insomnia since the onset of menopause. After seeing this device on Facebook for several months months and finally deciding my mental state was more important than my money I ordered the device. I tried the device upon receipt. To my great surprise I experienced a relaxing of tightness in my chest as soon as I turned on the device . I had no idea the tightness was there. Began sleeping better after about a week, anxiety attacks went away, and finally the depression lifted. I am not totally free from my symptoms all the time but I am so much better than I have been in years that I am considering purchasing another device as a back up. Wish I could afford to purchase several as I know many friends and family who could use one but can’t afford one. Thank you Fisher Wallace for all your efforts in helping and making available this invaluable device.

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