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Tom Lawson @ 06/10/2016 04:36

A little over two years ago, and only after spending hours in research (I’m a university professor so it’s wired into my DNA), I purchased the Fisher-Wallace device. Prior to that I had been on Wellbutrin, and before that on Zoloft, for more than 20 years. My family background includes a clear history of both academic giftedness and serious struggles with depression. My mother underwent involuntary institutionalization on two separate occasions. There is no way to hide the fact that I was very skeptical. The whole notion of putting electrodes on the side of your head seemed only marginally removed from con-men selling snake-oil remedies to hapless pioneers. But, as I already noted, I poured hours into researching valid, unbiased studies and published results.

Now, more than two years have passed. Within days of starting daily use of the Fisher-Wallace device, with the knowledge of my primary care physician, I discontinued all medication. The impact is subtle (hard to explain – but it is not like taking a new medication). For the first few days it was like thinking, “OK, I don’t think this is doing anything at all. But, I did have a pretty good day. I’ll keep it up and see.” That’s how it felt. And yet, within a week or two, it was obvious my long descents into almost-paralyzing depression were not there. That ever-present gnawing sense of a coming time of depression (even on days when I felt more-or-less OK) I had lived with for years was either gone, or was so diminished that it might as well have been gone.

Two years later and the results have continued – now to the point that feeling “normal” has become normal (I cannot stress how amazing this is for me). I have encouraged my adult children, who also struggle in battling depression, to obtain the devices (which they have and all use regularly).

I know I read “testimonials” with more than a small amount of skepticism. A combination of gullibility and the so-called “placebo-effect” means that it is not that difficult to find people ready to share enthusiastic “this-changed-my-life” stories about products that make unsubstantiated claims and offer little genuine benefit. I can only say that this is simply not the case with the Fisher-Wallace stimulator.

There is nothing I have found, no product, no medication, no exercise or exposure to sunlight or whatever, that has been as effective, as free of any negative side effects, or as remarkable in its impact on my day to day as this little device.

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