How It Works

The following licensed healthcare practitioners are qualified to authorize the purchase of a Fisher Wallace Stimulator®:

  • Primary Doctor
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Chiropractor
  • Acupuncturist
  • Nurse
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Or access online authorization at:

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® works by stimulating the brain to produce neurochemicals such as serotonin, while modulating the default mode network and entraining alpha waves. The device treats insomnia but is not a sedative - instead, the device modulates the brain to produce a restful state that accelerates sleep onset and restores longer periods of sleep.

FDA-Clearance Date: 1990
Medicaid Approval Date: 2017

Treatment Guidelines

Patients use the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® at home for 20 minutes, once or twice a day on level 2. Patients with insomnia use the device within two hours of bedtime. Consistent daily use in the first 30 days is recommended.

If mood and sleep symptoms are reduced but do not go into remission within the first 30 days, patients may continue using the device on a daily basis. The device has been on the market since 1990 without reports of negative effects resulting from long term use.

If mood and sleep symptoms go into remission (no symptoms), patients may use the device on a “maintenance basis” - three to four times per week - or on an as-needed basis. There are no withdrawal effects associated with ceasing use of the device.

The device may be safely used in conjunction with antidepressants and/or other medications. Patients should not reduce or cease taking medication without first speaking with their doctor.


Do You Qualify to Use the Device?

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® can be used by all patients except those with implanted medical devices, such as an implanted nerve stimulator or pacemaker. Answer these questions to confirm you qualify to use the the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®.